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Resist This


A new helmet technology from CCM looks to curb the rotational impact from hits to the side of the head.

Predators Paid Attendance Improved in 2013-14


Just as they took a moderate step forward on the ice, the Nashville Predators made some gains in ticket sales this season.

The Most-Googled NHL Stars


Which hockey players are drawing the most interest from web surfers around the U.S.? The answer might surprise you...

NHL Team Websites, Ranked


We can easily check out the NHL standings to see how teams rank on the ice, but on the internet? It's a team with fading playoff hopes which leads the way.

Winter Wonderland, Tavern 96 & Season Tix Renewals


While the NHL is taking a break for the Winter Olympics, the Nashville Predators are keeping busy providing a family-friendly event to keep fans in the mood for hockey.

Nashville Predators Attendance: Slowly Recovering


Was it the downfall of the Nashville Predators following the departure of free agent Ryan Suter in July 2012, or the NHL Lockout which wiped out a portion of the 2012-13 season? Either way, paid...

Hockeynomics: Maybe Not So Bad?


Artificially high supply on secondary ticket markets makes prices to some games less expensive than others -- but the Nashville Predators still seem to have a big problem.

Hockeynomics: Trouble in Smashville?


Lots of Nashville Predators season ticket holders are dumping their tickets on secondary markets, and low prices indicate very weak demand. Is this evidence of a systemic problem?

NHLPA Preparing to Sue the State of Tennessee


TSN's Aaron Ward reports this evening that the NHLPA is following through on its threats to fight Tennessee's Privilege Tax through the courts.

Antioch Hockey Center: Trick or Treat?


A new community center that the Nashville Predators will manage has inspired some civic leaders while prompting others to wonder about the center's potential, in light of the costs associated with...


Verified: NHL Commitment to Cancer Research Solid


The Hockey Fights Cancer campaign stands out as a shining example of corporate philanthropy next to other pro sports' leagues profiteering from issue advocacy.

Why Opponents of NHL Fighting Are Wrong


Everyone fears for player safety. So why should fighting stay in hockey, when only the NHL allows it? I'm glad you asked.

Preds to Air 47 Games in Atlanta/Georgia This Year


Ever since the Atlanta Thrashers relocated to Winnipeg in 2011, the Nashville Predators have tried to reach out to Georgia's hockey fans. Part of that effort has involved broadcasting games into...

Nashville Predators Tickets: A Growing Market


Online ticket reseller VividSeats has released a report that contains interesting cues about how the Nashville Predators might fare in their "Keep the Red Out" campaign against Blackhawks fans this...

ESPN's Ultimate Team Rankings: Preds Drop to #38


The price of hockey is going up in Nashville, but can the Predators deliver a winner to keep the fans happy?

"Keep the Red Out?" Why?


As the Nashville Predators continue to chase legitimate franchise status around the NHL, the front office is now toying with a new sales gimmick that has potential upside, but ignores the real...

"The Goldenization" of Bridgestone Arena


Are the Nashville Predators scheming to keep legions of Chicago Blackhawks fans from storming Bridgestone Arena this season? Or are they simply doing their best to grow the business of hockey here...

Preds Paid Attendance Plummeted in 2013


The Nashville Predators touted a record sellout streak in 2013, but numbers reported today indicate that the team gave away over 1,900 tickets per-game along the way.

NHL CBA: New Revenue Sharing Plan Could Help Preds


Under the old CBA, small market teams faced additional penalties for spending above the mid-point of the NHL salary range. Now, it appears that barrier has been removed.

Nashville Sports Radio Market Gets 3rd FM Station


Will longtime AM station WNSR's move into FM better equip them for battle against 104.5 The Zone and 102.5 The Game?

Bridgestone Arena Renovation On The Way


Modern sports arenas aren't simply hallowed halls immune to change. Venues like Bridgestone Arena work best when updated to meet the changing environment in which they operate, and this summer's...

NHLPA Threatens Lawsuit Over TN Privilege Tax


Guess what, Tennessee legislators? You might be staring down the prospect of a Donald Fehr/Gary Bettman tag team!

What Exactly is a Conditioning Assignment, Anyway?


The Nashville Predators have gotten their mileage out of CBA section 13.8 this season, as they have now sent three players to the Milwaukee Admirals for short-term "conditioning" stints.

Did the NHL Really Suffer Any Lockout Damage?

So how much damage did the Lockout really do the NHL? Not much, apparently.

Infographic: Shea Weber Among Top-Paid NHL Players


Who would have thought, back in the depths of the summer of 2007, that just a few short years later the Nashville Predators would have a team captain signed to one of the richest contracts in the NHL?

Don't Cry for NHL Owners

When it comes to hockey team ownership, should we feel sorry for owners who lose money? Or should we envy them for getting to play with grown-up toys?

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