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Footsteps of Doom: NHL Cancels the Winter Classic

By sacrificing this season's event on the altar of competitive negotiation, both NHL owners & players are putting the future of the Winter Classic at serious risk.

NHL to Wipe Out November Schedule

As expected, the league has erased the month of November from the season schedule, the boldest strike yet in this six-week lockout.

Bettman Says CBA Talks Have Taken A Step Backward

After hopes were raised that today's meeting between the players and owners could salvage an 82-game season, the Commissioner expressed his disappointment over the NHLPA's latest proposal.

NHL CBA Talks: League Provides Details of Offer

In a sharp reversal Gary Bettman's comment yesterday that they "don't negotiate publicly", the NHL has published the details of their latest CBA offer.

NHL CBA Talks Heat Up: Owners Propose 50/50 Split

With a short time left to save the prospects of an 82-game season, the NHL rolled out a proposal today which moves the CBA negotiations forward - but how will the players respond?

It's Friday, Friday, Wear Preds Gear on Friday...

The NHL may have cancelled the entire preseason and the first two weeks of the regular season, but the Nashville Predators are working hard hard to maintain their relationship with both fans and sponsors.

Could We Lose the Whole NHL Season?

With the NHL announcing the cancellation of the preseason, it's time for fans to have a long talk about the possibility of a season-long lockout.

Should NHL Players Dump Their Union?

Many assume that eventually NHL players will get a similar deal to that of the NFL and NBA. But blowing up their union may provide a more lucrative model to follow.

Shop NHL Shuts Down Affiliate Marketing Program Immediately, Citing Lockout

In what may be a sign that they don't expect a lockout resolution coming soon, the NHL has shut down the affiliate marketing program tied to their online merchandising operation.

NHL Lockout 2012 Explained With Taiwanese Animation, Featuring Former Predator Ryan Suter

Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations are notoriously complex affairs, so how better to explain what's going on than with another installation of those surreal, but all-too-accurate Taiwanese animations?

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