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Welcome to NHL Lockout 2012

NHL Lockout 2012 is ready to roll, now that the CBA has expired, and the two sides have failed to reach agreement on how to divide up the ever-growing pile of cash that fans and corporate sponsors have brought them in recent years.

NHL CBA Talks: Do Rising Jet Fuel Prices Really Justify Player Salary Cuts?

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman cited rising fuel prices as one area in which the owners don't have the flexibility to reduce costs like they're trying to do with player salaries. Is this really a significant issue?

Private Equity and the NHL: A Few More Thoughts

Today OTF examines possibilities for how to structure a private equity deal that could save the NHL without also ruining it at the same time.

NHL CBA Talks 2012: Sides exchange proposals, but clock is ticking

The NHL and its player's association met for three hours on Wednesday in an attempt to come to terms on a new collective bargaining agreement, but a new proposal by the owners will come off the table if not accepted by the September 15 deadline.

What Do NHL CBA Negotiations Have To Do With Presidential Election Politics?

A recent Bloomberg Businessweek article asks if a private equity transition could help solve some of the NHL's problems. On the Forecheck offers reflections and insights to answer the question.

Are $240 million in losses to be believed?

Renaud Lavoie of RDS is setting tongues wagging this afternoon, with an anonymous "tip" from inside the NHL that seeks to build sympathy for reining in player salaries. But can the league really be losing the amount of money being claimed?

NHL Lockout nearing a certainty as players & owners call off talks

With 15 days left in the current NHL Collective Bargaining Agreement, things are looking grimmer by the day for a timely start to the 2012-2013 season.

What can be done to improve Nashville Predators TV ratings?

Local TV ratings for the Nashville Predators lag behind NHL teams in more traditional markets, but what can be done about that?

NHL CBA Negotiations: Players are digging in

The battle over the NHL's next Collective Bargaining Agreement is truly joined.

NHL CBA Talks: The Players Strike Back - but with a velvet glove?

The NHLPA is angling for public opinion by trumpeting their conciliatory stance, but to expect that a new CBA will get hammered out in time for an October 11 Opening Night is, to put it bluntly, wildly optimistic.

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