Statistical Analysis

Barry Trotz Digs the Hockey Analytics


Nashville Predators head coach Barry Trotz livened up an otherwise nondescript day for hockey news by dropping a little hockey analytics knowledge on beat writer Josh Cooper, defending the utility...

NHL Travel Miles: Behold, The Super Schedule!


For the third time in the six years, the San Jose Sharks will log the most mileage in the league, with over 57,000 miles ahead of them on the 2013-14 NHL schedule.

Don't Be So Afraid of Fancy Stats


Advanced hockey statistics like Corsi and Fenwick aren't really that hard to understand when you compare them to similar measurements from other sports.

NHL Draft: Team-By-Team Positional Preferences


Some teams go for forwards, others can't resist defensemen. Dig into the details with this analysis...

KHL Super Schedule: Some Teams 5,000 Miles Apart!


With some teams separated by as much as 5,000 miles, the travel burden faced by KHL clubs is downright absurd.

How is Shea Weber Really Doing Without Ryan Suter?


Saturday night's game against the Minnesota Wild brings former Predator Ryan Suter back to Nashville, the perfect time to examine how Shea Weber if faring without his former defense partner.

Stats Analysis: Colin Wilson is a Driving Force


The battle to drive play into the offensive zone is one in which the Nashville Predators have struggled this season, but when you break the details down, a few heroes (and goats) emerge.

Major Obstacles Between the Preds & the Playoffs

We're all excited to see the start of the NHL season, but when it comes time to making projections on how the Nashville Predators will fare, we need to put the pom-poms down and look at the...

NHL Travel Miles: Super Schedule 2013 is Here!


Geography dictates that Western Conference teams generally travel much farther than those in the East, but thanks to a 48-game schedule that is limited to intra-conference games, the disparity...

How far does your favorite team travel? Consult the NHL Super Schedule


The Los Angeles Kings and Buffalo Sabres are the big winners today with the NHL's release of the 2012-2013 Regular Season schedule, when you examine the travel burden faced by all 30 teams.


The 2012 Alternative NHL Awards: Hockey's Greatest Villains


We'll wrap up our 2012 Alternative NHL Awards with a look at hockey's great villains - the most frequent hookers, holders, slashers and bashers who end up serving time in the penalty box.

The 2012 Alternative NHL Awards: Most Shots Off The Iron


Nothing highlights the hard luck of a goal scorer more than ringing a shot off the goalpost or crossbar, but who fired the most pucks off the pipes?

The 2012 Alternative NHL Awards: Best Designated Sitter


Hockey teams have a number of specialists available such as checking centers or power play quarterbacks. Many also have a Designated Sitter, the one guy who heads to the box and serves penalties...

How NHL Coaches Utilize Their Players


Do NHL head coaches focus on matching their players up against particular opponents, or deploying specialists based on where the next faceoff is taking place?

NHL Strength Of Schedule: Nashville Predators Face A Tough Road Ahead


If the Nashville Predators are going to return to the playoffs for the seventh time in eight seasons, they'll have to fight their way through what may be the NHL's most difficult remaining schedule.

NHL 2011-2012 schedule spreadsheet posted


A publicly available spreadsheet breaks down the entire NHL 2011-2012 regular season, along with Goals For and Goals Against per Game information for each team.

Nashville Predators analysis: How to replace Sullivan, Dumont, Ward and Goc?


One of the tougher questions to sort through this summer is whether or not the transition among the forward ranks for the Nashville Predators will work out to be a positive, or a negative.

NHL Super Schedule breaks down 2011-12 travel miles by team


While NHL teams will face the toughest travel burden during the upcoming season?

If the Atlanta Thrashers move to Winnipeg, but remain in the NHL's Southeast Division


The impact of a team in Winnipeg participating in the NHL's Southeast Division creates a huge travel issue for not just the relocated team, but their division rivals as well.

Nashville Predators vs. Anaheim Ducks on the faceoff dot


A playoff series tends to bring our attention to the narrowest of details, the battles within the battles which can sometimes turn the direction of a game, a series, and hence a team's entire...

Nashville Predators' playoff fortunes could hinge on faceoff success


One factor which could help the Nashville Predators break new ground in the Stanley Cup Playoffs would be to win faceoffs more consistently.

NHL Strength of Schedule could influence which teams make the playoffs


In those tight battles for playoff spots, the strength of a team's schedule could play a large role in determining whether they make it or not.

Do the NHL's Original Six franchises receive special treatment?


An analysis of 130 NHL suspensions over 5 years seems to indicate that the Original Six teams enjoy a privileged status.

Nashville Predators 15-Game Report


Sure, most outlets would wait until 20 games to review their team's progress, but since the Preds are heading out to play three Eastern Conference teams this week, folks in those cities might be...

The NHL's West is the Best... again


Sid & Alex may be the darlings of the NHL, but the balance of power is tilted heavily to the West again this season.

Can the Nashville Predators' tradition of faceoff specialists help the power play?


One of the hallmarks of Nashville Predators teams in recent years has been the presence of some of the game's best faceoff specialists. Might this provide a cure for their power play woes?

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