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Hockeynomics: Maybe Not So Bad?

Artificially high supply on secondary ticket markets makes prices to some games less expensive than others -- but the Nashville Predators still seem to have a big problem.

"Keep the Red Out?" Why?

As the Nashville Predators continue to chase legitimate franchise status around the NHL, the front office is now toying with a new sales gimmick that has potential upside, but ignores the real problem.

Viva Las Vegas? Viva Las Whalers!

Following Mirtle's lead once again, bizjournals.com came out last month with a comparison of which US sports markets were overextended, based on total personal income compared to the requirements...

Slingin' pucks to make a few bucks

Once again, the NHL seems to be pushing ahead in the business of digital media much more boldly than its professional peers. This morning's LA Times has an opinion piece heaping praise on the NHL's...

Send in the economists!

One of the frustrating aspects of this whole scenario with Jim Balsillie buying the Nashville Predators is that fundamentally this is a business story, and when sports columnists get involved, they...

Set the Wayback Machine to January...

In light of the recent news that a local group is mobilizing to form a bid for the Nashville Predators in the event that Jim Balsillie's attempt fails (the letter of intent has a current expiration...

Balls Out, Bags In?

Word is coming this morning that Nashville Predators owner Craig Leipold is calling off his deal with Jim Balsillie, and is instead prepared to sell the team to "Boots" DelBiaggio, who has a c...

Three Cheers for Kevin Lowe!

Edmonton Oiler fans haven't had much to celebrate this July, having missed out on the major unrestricted free agents (especially that painful Michael Nylander episode), and it would appear that GM...

New NHL uniforms a revenue source?

Now here's a terrifying thought for hockey fans. In light of the continuing difficulty in generating significant national TV revenue in the US, will the NHL succumb to pressure and permit...

Vultures start picking while the body's still warm

I'll get to a full eulogy for the Predators 2007-8 season shortly, but in the meantime, a few shots from Ken Campbell of the Hockey News caught my eye over the last few days:First, Campbell slipped...

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