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What Do NHL CBA Negotiations Have To Do With Presidential Election Politics?

A recent Bloomberg Businessweek article asks if a private equity transition could help solve some of the NHL's problems. On the Forecheck offers reflections and insights to answer the question.

Why the NHL Needs the Sunbelt

Good stuff here from Slate blogger Matt Yglesias: The issue is the bifurcated cable television markets in North America. Right now, hockey has a national broadcast deal in Canada and it has another one in the United States. Losing the national deal in the USA would be very costly to the entire enterprise. But to maintain that national deal, the NHL has to present itself as offering a true nationwide sports league which means you need teams in the sunbelt. Atlanta's departure didn't leave too much of a hole in the map since there are teams in North Carolina and Tennessee. Probably any one of the remaining non-Dallas sunbelt teams is expendable, but if you lost more than one to colder climes you might start imperiling the League's claim to be a real major sports across the length and breadth of the United States. Offered in response to The Economist. Update: In case you missed it, more of my thoughts on the future of national television broadcasts for the NHL from March 30.


Puck Daddy Asks: "Do NHL Players, Alumni Deserve Larger Slice of Winter Classic Revenue?"

How does a potential shift in the distribution of revenues from the Winter Classic affect the NHL's southern teams, who have been shut out of the event so far?

A flashback interview with Gary Bettman

PBS host Charlie Rose has opened his archive of interviews, including a 1996 piece with NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman.

What does Gary Bettman actually do?

In the midst of the Jim Balsillie/Phoenix Coyotes saga, a recurring theme (particularly among Canadian writers) is that this is ultimately a personal issue between Gary Bettman and Jim Balsillie, or that Bettman's personal crusade for Sun Belt hockey is on the line, etc. Mike Chen chimes in with a more realistic picture of exactly what Bettman's role is as NHL Commissioner, and that his influence, while extensive, isn't as all-powerful as his legions of critics might think.


Bettman interview highlights American sports market supremacy

In an interview last night, Gary Bettman highlighted the main difference between American and Canadian sports markets.

Saving the Coyotes, and the NHL, from Jim Balsillie

In their rush to cheer for another Canadian NHL team, many commentators overlook a critical point. Would Jim Balsillie be a help or a hindrance to the league?

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