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Jordan Henderson Starts to Come of Age

An inflated transfer fee and disappointing first season at Anfield could have proven too much to bear, but over the past year Jordan Henderson's managed to make himself an indispensable part of...

2012 BlogPoll, Week 1: USC, Alabama Rise as Honey Badger-Less LSU Falls


The main thing I took away from this: Kansas State checked in at No. 22, a minus-7 drop from the previous preseason poll that reflects the changing national sentiment. But we were fourth-highest in standard deviation, a statistical measure of the degree of disagreement among voters as to where an individual team should be ranked. That means some voters, like me, have the Cats as high as No. 12 or so, while others have them not ranked altogether. All of which is to say: Nobody has a darn idea how good we can be — precisely what I expect from a preseason poll.

K-State Slate: 8.17.12

K-State Slate: Sam Harvill is missing, other football rumors and articles, basketball's coming home, new coaches in baseball and equestrian, Erik Kynard appears on the Tonight Show.

Tony Barnhart Blames Recruitniks for the Fall of the Honey Badger

Tony Barnhart of CBS blames the attention and frenzy around recruiting for creating an environment that leads players like Tyrann Mathieu off course.

What Does the Dismissal of the LSU Tigers' Tyrann Mathieu Mean for the Georgia Bulldogs?

The "Honey Badger," Tyrann Mathieu, has been dismissed from the LSU Tigers on the eve of the 2012 college football season. What will this mean for the defending SEC East champion Georgia Bulldogs?

Tyrann Mathieu Dismissed From LSU


Sorry to disappoint all of you who were hoping to see the Honey Badger live and in person when LSU makes the trip to Fayetteville in November, but Mathieu was kicked off the team today for an unspecified violation of team rules. I was in Baton Rouge last year, and have vivid memories of his punt return touchdown against Arkansas. As someone who's eternally paranoid of Razorback special teams disasters, this should help me sleep slightly easier. Visit our friends at And The Valley Shook for continuing coverage of this story.

Maybe Osvaldo Alonso Is The Answer


The numbers without Osvaldo Alonso starting the match are merely good. But with him, and other defensive mids on the field they are great.

Craig Smith's sensational start: Stories of the Season


We didn't really quite know what to expect of Craig Smith as a rookie with the Nashville Predators, but he carried the team offensively for the first two months.

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