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RIM: Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis to step down, COO Thorsten Heins to become CEO, says WSJ | The Verge

Blackberry Billionaire Bounced. For the Nashville Predators, the old adage applies here - "the best revenge is living well."

Tuesday afternoon notes: Down Goes Jimmy Balls

The former would-be owner of the Nashville Predators, who schemed to relocate the team to Canada, appears to be on his way out as chairman of Research In Motion.

Balsillie deposition revisits his "Hamilton Predators" gambit

A deposition from Jim Balsillie was recently filed which outlines his involvement in the failed purchases of both the Pittsburgh Penguins and Nashville Predators. It makes a fitting followup to the statements by former Preds owner Craig Leipold prior the Board of Governors' rejection of Balsillie's ownership application earlier this summer.

How the "Hamilton Coyotes" would impact NHL travel

Jim Balsillie plans to relocate the Coyotes to Hamilton immediately if he wins control of the team in bankruptcy court. How might that impact the travel burden on other NHL teams?

Craig Leipold unloads on Balsillie and Rodier, alleges attempts to undermine the Nashville Predators

In a statement filed as part of the Phoenix Coyotes bankruptcy, former Nashville Predators owner Craig Leipold alleges attempts by Jim Balsillie's legal representative to undermine the team as far back as 2005.

NHL's Board of Governors rejects Balsillie, approves Reinsdorf for Coyotes bids

This afternoon the NHL Board of Governors unanimously approved the bid for the Phoenix Coyotes by Jerry Reinsdorf, while unanimously rejecting the application by Jim Balsillie.

Thursday notes: "Make It Seven" turns to email spam, becoming "Act Like You're Seven"

As the hockey world settles in to hand out the yearly awards Vegas style, much is going on elsewhere. Key players need to be resigned, the draft approaches, and Jim Balsillie has a new tactic up his sleeve in his attempt to swashbuckle an NHL team off to his lair in Hamilton.


Tennessean columnist writes about hockey, embarrassingly

Joe Biddle is a fixture at The Tennessean, and has "been writing sports columns for 29 years in Nashville". Today, he managed to post a blog today about the Phoenix Coytoes situation. I'm going to...

Analysis: Court denies quick sale of Phoenix Coyotes, but Balsillie's battle will rage on

Jim Balsillie's hopes for a quick sale and relocation of the Phoenix Coyotes was denied by a court ruling today. His fight to acquire the team, however, is unlikely to be over.

Balsillie's bid to buy, relocate Phoenix Coyotes blocked by judge

TSN reports that: In the 21-page document he [Judge Baum] said the court didn't believe there was enough time to resolve all the various issues before the sale of the insolvent team to Balsillie for US$212.5 million that was due to close June 29. If this is the critical point on which his judgment is based, it basically settles nothing relative to legal precedent around these types of maneuvers. More to follow as details develop!

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