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Should NHL Players Dump Their Union?

Many assume that eventually NHL players will get a similar deal to that of the NFL and NBA. But blowing up their union may provide a more lucrative model to follow.

Thursday's Dump & Chase: Impact of Pre-season Cancellations Starts to Be Felt


Now that the first slate of pre-season games have been cancelled by the NHL, the lockout is truly starting to impact both teams and individuals from a hockey perspective.

NHL Lockout 2012: 5 Nashville Predators Pre-season Games Cancelled


Now that we're several days into NHL Lockout 2012, games are starting to get cancelled, including five for the Nashville Predators, and the first two dates at Bridgestone Arena.

Wednesday's Dump & Chase: "Hockeyville" Game Cancelled Due to NHL Lockout


Yesterday we got the first word of staff layoffs for certain teams, and this morning's hockey notes include word of the first game cancellation, a special event which, ironically enough, is...

Shop NHL Shuts Down Affiliate Marketing Program Immediately, Citing Lockout

In what may be a sign that they don't expect a lockout resolution coming soon, the NHL has shut down the affiliate marketing program tied to their online merchandising operation.

NHL Lockout 2012 Explained With Taiwanese Animation, Featuring Former Predator Ryan Suter

Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations are notoriously complex affairs, so how better to explain what's going on than with another installation of those surreal, but all-too-accurate...

Tuesday's Dump & Chase: Lockout Layoffs Begin


When either side in the lockout debate says that they understand that the fans suffer the most, your BS detector should activate immediately. This morning, we hear word that team staff are already...

Monday's Dump & Chase: How Long Might the NHL Lockout Last?


The players seem to be more organized and involved than ever before, so does that translate into the resolve to hold out for months?

Welcome to NHL Lockout 2012

NHL Lockout 2012 is ready to roll, now that the CBA has expired, and the two sides have failed to reach agreement on how to divide up the ever-growing pile of cash that fans and corporate sponsors...

Saturday's Dump & Chase: The End of the NHL CBA is Nigh


Nothing more than pure avarice is needed to explain why a league enjoying healthy revenue growth needs to shut down like this, but as fans we have little option but to wait for the two sides to get...

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