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"Predators Hockey"

What does "Predators hockey" mean? It means your top scorers will put up middling offensive numbers, and that's maddening when you think about the coin the organization is shelling out for championship-level production.

Does Defense Really Win Championships?

University of Chicago economist Tobias J. Moskowitz and Sports Illustrated's L. Jon Wertheim offer a scientific analysis of NFL games to challenge the conventional wisdom that "defense wins championships." Their empirical analysis examines only the NFL, but Joshua Cooper woud probably agree that offense and defense should receive equal weight when making predictions -- at least when it comes to making the NHL postseason. Lock up the Big Three if you want, Mr. Poile -- but at some point you're going to have to pay for some help up front!

Assessing the Southeast

The Southeast Division is home to the last two Stanley Cup champions (I know it's true, but it still seems wierd to write that), but this season we've seen a new power emerge in the Atlanta...

Deeper into the Northwest

Due to popular demand (OK, one email someone sent me), I thought I'd expand on my recent article covering the Atlanta and New Jersey offensive trends, and go through all 30 NHL teams, covering both...

Follow That Trend!

Having recently examined the hot and cold individual shooters in the NHL, it's time to look at some team-wide performances, focusing on the leaders in the Atlantic and Southeast divisions.Early in...

Offensively Lame Ducks?

I just wanted to pass along a quick thought-provoker before heading down to the GEC for tonight's Ducks/Predators game. Just examining the offensive side of the game, it appears that Anaheim is...

Mopping Up The Central

Last Friday I touched on the leaders in the NHL Central Division, Nashville and Detroit, but now let's catch up with the rest of the pack. Again, we're looking at trend lines reflecting Actual...

Runnin' Away With The Central

Continuing our tour through the various NHL divisions, it's time to focus on the Central Division, which for the last several years has served as Detroit's personal happy place (five straight...

It Takes Two

Sonny and Cher. Hulk Hogan and Mr. T. Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul. History is abundant with ground-breaking partners that together wrought far greater achievements than either could have dreamed...

Team By Team Generated Chances

Extending our review yesterday of the top players in the league at generating offensive chances through forced turnovers (Hits & Takeaways), let's take a look at the team-by-team numbers: Team...

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