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Hockeynomics: Trouble in Smashville?


Lots of Nashville Predators season ticket holders are dumping their tickets on secondary markets, and low prices indicate very weak demand. Is this evidence of a systemic problem?

Splitting Up Your Season Tickets, A How-To Guide


With 41 home dates you probably don't want to go to every game. I've tried, and trust me you don't want to. So let me help you out with this handy guide to splitting up your season tickets.


Nats Park: Any Ultimate Ballpark Access Issues?

"Every spring, I eagerly await the arrival of my Washington Nationals Season Ticket package. What is the box going to look like? What will be in the box? What will the tickets look like? What will...

New NBA site to sell fans' tickets


The NBA is colluding partnering with Ticketmaster to put an end to $1 Bobcat games on Stubhub. One interesting note from the article came from NBA League executive Chris Granger: Granger said that he expects the idea of the season ticket to change in the coming years, a topic that all the teams are meeting to discuss this week. "We know we have to position season tickets differently," Granger said. "It is going to be less about buying 41 games and more about being part of a 12-month membership that gives you different access and experiences in and around your area."

I Want My Money Back


Well, not necessarily me, since I watched the 0-4 humbling at home. Luckily, I didn't have to endure the walk of shame away from Qwest Field wearing green. But, season ticket holders amongst the...

So What Happens to Season Ticket Holders if There's a Strike?


So now that there's not going to be a strike (yet) we can turn our attention to other things. Like, y'know, what happens if there is a strike? And specifically, what happens to the most loyal...

Soccer Econ 101: Price Increases, OR: What Do Teams Owe Their Most Loyal Fans? (Part 1)


(I got started writing this and realized that there are a LOT of directions this discussion could take. To include them all in one post would bore the hell out of everybody but me, so this is Part...

More the 97% of Portland Timbers Season Tickets Holders Renewed for 2012


The Portland Timbers have announced a 97% renewal rate for season ticket holders with a waiting list over 5,000 strong.


Winter Classic Tickets released! 223... does that suck?

Anybody who's been to Heinz field might be of use here, I've got seats in 223 row M, right behind the Pens goal. How are those seats? Where are you seats? Are we all in Caps STH...

Dodgers sue Jon Lovitz over tickets


You know the money situation is tight when you're suing your season ticket holders.

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