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Sound off!

The NHL has a survey available that anybody can use to express their opinion regarding the new CBA, rule changes, the effect of the work stoppage on their enthusiasm for the league, etc.

Head on over and give 'em your $0.02 - and thanks to the message boarders over at the NHL Fans Association for posting the link. For those who don't know, the NHLFA is a fans association that has been around for several years, gathering membership (over 27,000 strong) and trying to make the voice of the fan heard by the NHL and its players.

My skinny: allowing the 2-line pass, tag-up offsides, and reduced goalie equipment are great, overtime shootouts and division-heavy regular season schedules stink. But hey, I'll give 'em credit for trying, certainly more than Bill Wirtz of the Chicago Blackhawks gets for retaining his TV blackout for home games. They may give out a bunch of free tickets and offer price cuts for fans, but as long as Wirtz maintains this foolish policy, he'll ensure that there will never be more than 20,000 loyal Blackhawks fans in Chicago - just enough to fill the United Center.