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Who didn't see this coming?

Not to mix my metaphors here, but Bob Goodenow has pulled off an admirable double-play: as captain, he went down with the NHLPA's ship, and now is walking the plank as well. Will he go down in history as the labor exec who oversaw the most disastrous negotiation in sports history?

Let's tick off the recent accomplishments:

  • Despite several years of available time, failed to reach an agreement with the owners, leading to a lockout,
  • stubbornly persisted in a losing battle, scratching the 2004-5 NHL season,
  • finally agreed to a deal with a 24% pay cut, a salary cap, and few, if any, significant gains for the players, and
  • made Gary Bettman look like a smooth operator.

    That's an amazing list, but apparently that's all for now. Goodenow is out, Ted Saskin is in, and hopefully, this is the last we'll hear about NHLPA executives for a very, very long time.