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Back in Action

Sorry for the lack of updates the last few weeks, but rather than ponder over every last detail of the exhibition season, I've been busy getting a new job and relocating, so now this journal comes to you from...

(wait for it)

Predators Country (that's Nashville, y'all)!

Yup, after nearly three decades in Hockeytown, and seven years in a non-NHL city, I now have ready access to catching NHL action live once again. Pretty cheap access, too, as Predators tickets are very reasonable in price and they have plenty of promotional deals to help bring in new hockey fans.

A nice bonus is that the Preds should boast a pretty good team this fall. Barry Trotz has got the system in place and enough speed on the roster, and Paul Kariya should not just add his own offense but help younger teammates develop as well.

Anyways, things are getting settled (still have to sell a house, buy a new one, and move the wife and kids, nothing big, right?) and the articles will once again start to flow. Time to polish the crystal ball and take a look at the division races, seen here daily as we head up to the Opening Night festivities on October 5th.

Stay Tuned!