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August is the Cruelest Month

Now that arbitration season is over, and most of the free agents have found their new homes, we have a few weeks of dead time before training camps open around the NHL in early September. So what to do until then?

My suggestion, first off, would be to make sure you're signed up over at the NHLFA, the NHL Fans' Association. Around since 1998, it represents a noble attempt at providing the fans a direct venue for communicating with the NHL and its Players' Assocation, through periodic surveys and questionairres. For instance, take a look at the 2005-6 Fan Report, which includes group opinions related to the "New NHL", to feedback on media outlets and executive performance. Some of the more notable points? 79% of members polled are opposed to adding more teams to the playoffs, 88% don't believe fighting should be banned from the game, and 73% think the referees are doing a good job (must be no coaches in there).

It doesn't cost anything to join, although there are contribution options available. Sign up, send a link to a friend, and let your voice be heard!