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"C" ain't for Crosby, that's good enough for me...

They say that sometimes the best trades are the ones that don't get made, and to stretch that a bit, I'd say the Pittsburgh Penguins just named the best possible captain for the upcoming season.

The Penguins should be better than last year certainly, but they are still not playoff-caliber, and naming Sidney Crosby as captain right now, as so many fans desire, would needlessly add to the pressure surrounding him heading into the new season. Countless rookie sensations go through a sophomore slump, so let Sid the Kid continue his on-ice development without having the added distraction of locker room leadership and taking the brunt of the media relations.

Remember, Crosby just turned 19: Steve Yzerman was 21 when he was named captain of the Red Wings, while Mario Lemieux and Wayne Gretzky were 22 when they donned the "C" in Pittsburgh and Edmonton respectively. There will be plenty of time in the years ahead for Sid to create his legacy as captain of the Penguins. But for now, his main focus needs to be on taking the next step forward in his career. Repeating his 102-point performance against opponents that are now familiar with his talents will be achievement enough for the time being.