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Don't Cry For Me, British Columbia...

Normally, when a top player leaves his team, whether by trade or free agency, those left behind offer the usual somber platitudes that "he can't be replaced," or that "we all have to step up" to make up for their dearly departed comrade.

Not so for Vancouver Canucks center Brendan Morrison...

In this interview with a local paper, Morrison basically said the loss of Todd Bertuzzi could result in increased production for himself, since "when you play with those guys (meaning Bertuzzi and Marcus Naslund), the tendency is just to get them the puck."

I don't know, Brendan, but I'm guessing that Bertuzzi's physical presence helped open up plenty of scoring chances for you as well, and opposing defenses will be able to direct more attention your way now that he's playing on the opposite corner of the continent.