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And Now For Something Completely Different...

While running some analysis on penalty information from last season, it struck me that after the addition of the Rocket Richard Trophy to the NHL's awards list, there was a terrible omission made that the hockey leadership needs to correct before it's too late. They need to stand up and recognize those pivotal players who perform a unique, critical role in the course of a game.

Yes, I'm talking about the guy who goes and sits in the penalty box for someone else (usually the goalie), the Server of the "Penalty Served By" in the boxscores. Sure, it can be somewhat akin to those painful schoolyard memories of youth, as the team has to select an on-ice player to sit in the box for a short time and "feel shame" for someone else's transgression. But someone's gotta take a breather for the team, and last year, nobody did that more often than Jonathan Sim, who sat through 14 extra penalties for the Flyers and Panthers.

Other standout sit-down artists? Jason Spezza of Ottawa took 12 extra rests, Toronto's Tie Domi took 10, and from there on down you have a host of others tied at 9, 8, 7, etc.

I'll have to track this one throughout the season, and of course come up with a fitting title for this coveted award. The Mannequin Cup? The Sin-Bin Salute? Feel free to submit your suggestions...