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Just call him "Bubba" Forsberg...

The news is buzzing around that Nashville has won the Peter Forsberg sweepstakes, offering up a healthy package including Scottie Upshall, Ryan Parent, a first round pick and a third round pick in exchange for only a few guaranteed months of Forsberg's services.

While the price is steep in terms of future value (Parent is a solid prospect on the blueline), the Predators aren't giving up a part of their current active roster, and get to hold on prized rookie Alexander Radulov, who lit up the scoreboard during his first weeks in the league, but has cooled off over the last two months. As Spector notes, the Predators were able to offer up elements that they won't miss, while providing Philadelphia pieces that they desperately need. That's the hallmark of savvy dealmaking, and the Nashville front office should be commended on their work.

On the ice, the Preds presumably hope Forsberg can boost a lackluster power play, and it will be interesting to see how the even-strength lines shake out. One player whose role I would think change will be David Legwand, who is enjoying a breakout season, but would slip behind Forsberg and Jason Arnott on the centerman's depth chart. (Question to Avalanche fans - when Paul Kariya had his lousy year in Colorado, did he play much with Forsberg?)

The one thought that keeps rattling around in the back of my brain is that perhaps the Preds aren't done dealing yet. After all, we're still a ways off from the trading deadline. This week Nashville GM David Poile has added two everyday players in Forsberg and Vitaly Vishnevski, and would seem to still have some extra depth that might be worth something on the trade market, should they look to add an elite two-way defenseman, or scoring winger. Vishnevski, after all, adds a nice physical component, but he's not a top-4 kind of blueliner for the Preds, and on the wing, they may want a veteran like Bill Guerin instead of relying on the rookie Radulov for quality minutes during the playoffs.

The other interesting thing to watch will be how the Nashville sports scene reacts. My wife just called me from her cell phone, telling me the news she heard on the radio, and her reaction was, "we've got to get down there to see a game soon." Folks, that's a first since we moved here 18 months ago, so perhaps there's hope!
Note: On the Friday morning sports radio shows here in Nashville, Poile indicated that he's "pretty much closed up shop," and doesn't forsee any more deals. Just wanted to be clear that what I referred to above was merely my speculation.

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