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When in doubt, fight it out...

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This comes to us from Kukla this morning: a vote over at on the All-Time greatest fighters in NHL history. For the record, here's how I voted in the first round, where 32 knuckle-dusters square off :

Bob Probert over Ted Lindsay,
Jack Carlson over Clark Gillies,
Dave Schultz over John Kordic,
Tony Twist over Wendel Clarke,
Chris Nilan over Georges Laraque,
Tiger Williams over Tie Domi,
Donald Brashear over Chris Simon,
Dave Semenko over Cam Neely,
Dave Brown over Dave Manson,
Terry O'Reilly over Stu Grimson,
Rob Ray over John Ferguson,
Gordie Howe over Curt Fraser,
Joe Kocur over Orland Kurtenbach,
Troy Crowder over Stan Jonathan,
Gino Odjick over Zdeno Chara,
Marty McSorley over John Wensink.

And of course, I have detailed statistical analysis behind each of these picks that makes them beyond all reasonable doubt.

NOT! Just head over there and have some fun...

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