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A Swede Addition

I'm surprised I didn't already have this one in my blogroll, but be sure to check out Ingmar Bergman Shoots... and Scores! The most recent post is a great online interview with an anonymous Swedish NHL player, that gets well past the usual cliched pablum that athletes generally have to feed the mainstream media. Check it out, as it's about the most casual and open interview you'll see with an athlete these days. Some highlights:

The NHL Player: Shitty hotelroom. I hate it when the toilet is two centimetres higher than the standard. I get uncomfortable not being able to get the bottom of my feet firmly on the floor.

(When I read this I laughed so hard I'm thinking this guy needs his own talkshow on HBO.)

The NHL Player: To all the readers: If you want to marry someone you've put on a pedestal, remember I pick my nose, use the toilet and fart just like the rest of you.

That puts a new spin on those "just like you" commercials the NHL's been running this season, doesn't it?