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And the fans have spoken...

The results of the yearly NHLFA (NHL Fans Association) poll are in, and here's a recap of some of the more notable results:

  • Although it's a poll of diehard NHL fans, a full 36% fail to attend more than one NHL game per season. Perhaps this is another argument that ticket prices remain too high.
  • Favorite rule changes? The Tag-Up Offsides, elimination of the two-line pass, not allowing teams to change players after an icing, and assessment of fines upon video review for diving.
  • The least favorite rule changes? The final-five minute instigator penalty, and the dreaded Trapezoid of Doom, beyond which puckhandling goaltenders dare not tread.
  • Most fans (59%) view the new CBA as a positive force for change within the league, but it wasn't worth the loss of the 2004-5 season.
  • The division-heavy schedule was taken to the woodshed, with 60% of fans indicating it is "a bad idea."

My favorite item within the poll was the question, "Should the NHL and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) work together to bring Saturday "Hockey Night in Canada" to all American fans via a national public U.S. broadcaster?" A resounding 86% "YES" vote makes one wonder why the NHL has failed to even broach this issue in recent years.

There are 59 questions in full over at the NHLFA, and it's well worth taking some time to go through. And while you're there, sign up to join the NHLFA - it's free and your membership helps to make the voice of the fan that much louder within the NHL offices.