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The Detroit/Nashville Rivalry Gets Ugly...

The Nashville/Detroit rivalry has gotten pretty competitive in recent years, but it may just have taken a turn that will escalate it to the level of Avs/Wings in the late 1990's. Just as Claude Lemieux's cheap shot on Kris Draper sparked a feud, it appears that the Wings have drawn first blood in a brand new war...

Before tonight's game against the Blackhawks, Nashville center Scott Nichol (returning to the lineup after missing 11 games with a broken thumb suffered against Detroit) shared the following with Predators color man Terry Crisp:

We've got a little guy at home, three-and-a-half years old, and he's a big hockey fan. I don't get a chance to take him skating too often, and when I had my broken thumb I'm like, "hey, do you wanna go skating with Daddy?" And he's like, "Daddy, I can't, I broke my thumb!" I'm like "who broke your thumb, who broke your thumb?"

"Detroit Red Wings..."