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So who plays Claude Lemieux and Kris Draper?

Looking at these Eastern Conference Finals as an interested outsider, I'm left wondering if we're seeing the genesis of the greatest NHL rivalry since the Red Wings/Avalanche glory days of the 1990's. The recipe breaks down as follows:

1. You've got a playoff rematch, featuring teams with loads of young talent and great expectations.
2. There's bad blood aplenty, after the Chris Neil hit on Chris Drury, and the subsequent brawl.
3. Each team has a veteran coach who's not shy about using their public forum to badger the other team.
4. Rabid hockey fans in each city who want the Stanley Cup, but for the next two weeks only want to see their team defeat their hated rival.
5. The games themselves are a joy to watch, with plenty of up-and-down action, hitting, individual skill and tremendous goaltending.

If only the NHL could get this on as many TV sets as possible - this series looks to be a classic.

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