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Slingin' pucks to make a few bucks

Once again, the NHL seems to be pushing ahead in the business of digital media much more boldly than its professional peers. This morning's LA Times has an opinion piece heaping praise on the NHL's new partnership with Sling Media, the folks behind the Slingbox you hear hyped so much by Jim Rome. The basic idea is that you'll be able to have NHL games sent from your TV to your internet connection (say while you're travling, or *gasp* at work), and be able to select clips for upload and distribution to friends through Sling Media's website. I could definitely see doing this while visiting the in-laws in Indiana, and certainly anyone who travels much would be able to catch their team's games while on the road.

Understand, the savvy part about moves like this isn't so much about buckets of money that are going to pile up in the NHL coffers. The fact of the matter is that with enough effort, the young tech-savvy generation can do much of this stuff already. The NHL is merely riding that wave, building business relationships and a fan-friendly reputation along the way.