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The Suggestion Box is Open...

Heading into the summer months, I would like to get your input as to the things you'd like to see more or less of here at On the Forecheck. I've got some plans for what's coming up, but I'd really enjoy getting the

My own personal list of to-do's for the site include:
  • Unrestricted Free Agency analysis - who are the best bargains and most overpriced UFA's
  • Recapping the playoff prediction tool I used this spring, and seeing how it might be improved
  • An analysis on how, in statistical terms, playoff hockey differs from the regular season
  • A look at how differing pre-NHL action (major junior vs. NCAA vs. Europe) translates into NHL success
  • Constant updates and thoughts on the ownership situation here in Nashville
  • A cosmetic redesign of the site, to enhance the navigation within and provide better access to past posts
So please provide your thoughts in the comments, and let me know where you'd like to see this research vessel headed.

Star Trek EnterpriseGive me the right direction, and I'll boldly go where no hockey blog has gone before (pic included for my 5 year-old son who has gotten hooked on Star Trek lately).