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You think you're tough enough to handle EA's NHL 08?

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We all know how tough hockey players are. Aaron Ward, for example, kept himself in the 2006 Stanley Cup Finals despite a concussion, knowing that heading to the dressing room would have meant sitting out the next game as well on doctor's orders. Then there's the legendary Bob Baun, who scored an overtime winner in the 1964 Stanley Cup Finals on a broken foot. Hockey players have a team-first ethic that stands out among professional athletes for the dedication that's demonstrated on a continuing basis.

Now it's time for this hockey blogger to rise to just such a challenge. It's been announced that Eric Staal has been named the cover boy for Electronic Art's NHL '08 video game. And yes, despite a recent diagnosis of osteoarthritis in my left index finger, I plan on numbing it up and hitting the digital ice...

Last year's Ovechkin cover:

And now, for 2008: