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Game blogging restrictions coming to the NHL?

This story from the Miami Herald mostly discusses the NFL's draconian content usage guidelines, but there is a line in there about the NHL drafting up a policy for the upcoming 2007-8 season, and that along with the NBA and MLB, "the leagues agree that real-time play-by-play blogs should be considered a violation of broadcast rights."

So what could this mean in practical terms? Somebody sitting on press row banging out detailed accounts is probably one thing, while drunken live-blogging by fans at home is presumably something else entirely. I can just imagine the scene...

*knock* *knock* *knock*
The Fuzz: "Mr. Sleek, we have a cease-and-desist order, please open the door."
Sleek: "Go away man, Sammy Pahlsson just came out for the PK and I'm not, err... decent."

The Fuzz: "That's it Mr. Sleek, put down the mouse and the bottle of bourbon and back away from the computer..."

It will be interesting once all these new policies come out, to see how the NHL compares to the other major sports leagues. Over the last couple years the league has been very proactive in embracing the web, and I would expect that to continue going forward.