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Predators Sign Martin Gelinas

The Nashville Predators announced this afternoon that they've signed veteran winger Martin Gelinas to a one-year deal.  While it's been a long time since he was in Edmonton, he does have a Stanley Cup ring and should certainly bring some veteran poise, along with 15-20 goals, to the Preds forward lineup.  Last season he scored 14 goals but Shot Quality would have given an Expected Goals figure of 19.6, so it's possible he could get back to the 20-goal mark in Nashville depending on his linemates and role.  Along with the signings earlier this summer of Radek Bonk and Jed Ortmeyer, it appears the Preds will be a more balanced, convential squad than the run-and-gun offensively oriented team of last year.
Up front, then, it looks like the Preds stack up as follows:
RW:  Radulov, Dumont, Erat, Ortmeyer
LW:  Sullivan, Gelinas, Hordichuk
C:  Arnott, Legwand, Bonk, Nichol
Spare:  Fiddler, Tootoo & Smithson
It looks like there's still going to be some decent offensive punch on whatever the 3rd line turns out to be.  For instance, I'd expect Arnott & Dumont to remain together, along with Legwand & Erat.  That leaves room to put a guy like Gelinas or even Tootoo up on one of those two lines, and have a 3rd line with Bonk centering Sullivan and/or Radulov.  Training camp is going to be an interesting time, to be sure.  Coach Trotz has plenty of tools to work with, but coming up with the right combinations might take a little time.