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Where, oh where will Nylander land?

Quite the flip-flop today over at TSN, where the morning headline indicated that Michael Nylander was signed by the Edmonton Oilers, but just minutes ago, the latest version now indicates that he's signed with the Washington Capitals instead. A couple screen caps for you:

He's an Oiler!

This morning's story...

Nope! He's a Cap!

This afternoon's update!

I guess the guys at TSN should do more than just listen to Edmonton sports radio before posting headlines to their site.

All in all, that's quite a nice pickup by the Caps (if this is indeed the final word), as Nylander is coming off two huge seasons in New York and should, I expect, provide for a dynamic pairing with Alex Ovechkin. Along with the Tom Podi and Viktor Kozlov signings, that moves Washington well into the class of serious playoff contenders this offseason.