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Enough with Kansas City, already...

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One of the angles repeated throughout the online hockey community in the wake of the Letter of Intent signed yesterday in Nashville is that with Boots Del Biaggio on board, it's only a matter of time before the local boys sell out to him and the franchise relocates to Kansas City, since Del Biaggio has a deal in place with Anschutz Entertainment Group to bring an NHL team there.

Check out this line from this morning's Tennessean. It almost looks like a throwaway detail at the end of the article, but if true, should quash most of that talk:

Assuming the bid of the local group is approved by the NHL, Del Biaggio will divest his interests in San Jose.

He also will cut his ties with AEG, but Del Biaggio said he'll continue to push for a hockey team in Kansas City.

Will that finally get the hockey media off the "Preds are moving" track?