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Hockey in Hollywood? Game On!

Yes, Rudy over at Battle of California may be retching over the thought of The Love Guru, a film currently in production that stars Mike Myers as a... well, who cares what Myers is going to do. The important thing for Rudy is that reviled nipple-exposer Justin Timberlake will play an antagonistic role as a Los Angeles Kings player who has an affair with the wife of a Toronto Maple Leaf.


First of all, we should all be glad that at the least this film will get the NHL more mainstream media exposure than the last Stanley Cup final, but secondly, Rudy should be happy to see a King included so prominently. Seriously, when was the last time the L.A. Kings mattered in the NHL? 1993? Sorry to sound harsh, but Kings fans should swallow their pride and enjoy the spotlight.

Besides, look at the talent involved in this cinematic endeavor, and ask yourself: what could possibly go wrong?