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More light shed on new Preds ownership

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The Nashville Post has a nice profile piece up on David Freeman, the leader of the local group currently in the process of buying the Nashville Predators.  A few juicy tidbits of information:
He's the co-author of "The Medical Waste Handbook."
He made his fortune after selling his medical waste hauling business.
While not a big hockey fan yet, he is familiar with the "Miracle On Ice", so that's a start.
All in all, it's an interesting portrait of a guy who so far comes off as soft-spoken and genuinely interested in building the Predators into a Nashville institution.
In related news, Freeman appeared on a local sports show in Nashville Tuesday night and supposedly said that while the local investors can buy out "Boots" Del Biaggio if he gets the opportunity to become a majority owner elsewhere in the NHL, the terms of their agreement do not allow Del Biaggio to buy out the local members.  I can't find any video of that interview, but if that assertion is true, that should be one more nail in the "only a couple years until Boots moves them to KC" coffin.