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The Nashville Post digs deep

Richard Lawson of the Nashville Post has just published what is by far the most thorough analysis yet of the proposed lease changes that David Freeman's ownership group has submitted to the Nashville city government.  It's well worth a read this weekend.
One of the more interesting tidbits in Lawson's analysis is that much of the money that the city pays to cover the Sommet Center's operating loss comes from a fund fed from hotel occupancy taxes (i.e. tourist dollars as opposed to local residents).  There has been considerable debate about whether a new Convention Center is needed downtown, and if the Freeman group took over responsibility for the operating profit/loss, that could well free up those tax dollars to be used in that direction.
Kudos to Lawson for an outstanding piece - it features plenty of fodder for those in favor of and opposed to any further adjustments to the lease, and lays it all out on the table in the process.