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Plenty of reasons to love hockey

This morning I wanted to point you over to one of my favorite blog finds of the summer, Interchangeable Parts, which has run a series of articles on why they love hockey. It's a great bunch of pieces that highlight just how great the long grind of the regular season truly is, and it's worth taking a few minutes to go through.

One of the great issues I have with the MSM sports culture is the overriding attitude that the regular season doesn't matter, and only playoff championships hold any meaning. We hear that opinion nearly every day either on sports radio, in opinion columns, or even from the athletes themselves. When they say it, it's almost like a pass-phrase that they know they have to repeat in order to demonstrate their commitment to winning it all for the fans.

Anyways, head on over to IP and reflect for a moment on observations that touch on different aspects of the game we all share, such as:

5-on-3 Penalty Kills

Giveaways that make you go "Huh?"

November hockey