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Predators ownership team is revealed

Hot off the presses of the Nashville City Paper, the five previously unknown members of the local group purchasing the Nashville Predators have been identified. The drum roll, please...

Thomas Ciggaran, Chairman of the Board of Healthways, a health insurance firm headquartered in Nashville.
Chris Ciggaran, son of Thomas and Senior VP of Human Resources and Organizational Development at Healthways.
Joel & Holly* Dobberpuhl -Joel is a local investment manager (couldn't find anything further on him right away).
DeWitt & John Thompson of Thompson Machinery. De is President of this local firm which sells and services equipment for the construction and power industries.
Not surprising at all to see the Healthways involvement, as health care is a big player on the Nashville business scene, but I couldn't tell you much about the final three members of this list. Looking at the profile on the Thompson Machinery website, it looks like they've been in Nashville for over 60 years and have a relationship with the Predators already, through their sponsorship of the team's Zamboni.

*Thanks to reader Margie for clarifying that Holly Dobberpuhl is also part of the group.