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Rebound Shooters of Renown

Following up on yesterday's piece covering team-by-team Rebounds Shots taken and given up, it's time to see which individual players dominated in front of the net. Here are your top shooters in terms of Rebound Shots taken in the 2006-7 season. A rebound shot is here defined as a shot taken within 5 seconds of another shot, without any intervening event such as a faceoff.

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Interestingly, the diminuitive Martin St. Louis leads the pack, due in part to his gifted teammates like Brad Richards and Vincent Lecavalier, and the endurance that lets him play over 24 minutes per game, tops among all NHL forwards. One interesting note is how Tomas Holmstrom comes in among the league leaders, but on a team-by-team basis, Detroit gets the fewest rebound opportunities as a percentage of their overall shots.

And for MikeP who wondered yesterday where Ryan Smyth compared to Dustin Penner (the once and future crease-crashers for Edmonton), Smyth garnered only 14 rebound shots last year, well below this list. This raises an interesting question.

Given the age of the two players, the talk that Smyth wanted a contract averaging $5 million-plus to stay in Edmonton, and the fact that the Oilers just landed Penner for less than that figure (setting aside the balance between the compensation Edmonton yielded to Anaheim for Penner, and the value they received for the Smyth trade), is it possible that Edmonton will get more out of Penner over the next five years than they would have expected to get from Captain Canada?