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Support those who support the Preds

I've received an update from the Our Team coalition, which is reporting that major progress is being made with selling tickets in the Nashville business community, particularly those restaurants and bars in the downtown area that clearly benefit from 40+ nights of hockey fans coming into downtown.

The following list of businesses have committed to buying season tickets for the upcoming campaign, and thus should earn the support of Predators fans as well. Be sure to show these establishments that you appreciate what they're doing!

Downtown merchants with Predators season tickets
(as of 8/14/2007)

Big River Grille
Demos' Steak and Spaghetti House
Dixieland Delights
Full Moon Saloon
Hot Diggity Dogs
Jack's Bar-B-Que*
Layla's Bluegrass Inn
Legends Corner*
Legends Gifts
Nashville Crossroads*
Nashville Limited
Piranha's Bar & Grill
Robert's Western World
Second Fiddle*
The Stage*
The Wheel
Tootsie's Orchid Lounge

*Denotes businesses that have supported the Predators since the team's inception.

I think the next time Mrs. Forechecker and I get a babysitter we might well head downtown and check out one of these joints rather than stay out in the 'burbs...