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Technical advice from the Peanut Gallery

Hey, it's mid-August, so I think I can sneak in one non-hockey related post:
Today I've got a quick question for you - I've received a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate, and have the option of going ahead and installing it on my home PC (which should have the horsepower to handle it*), or just putting the thing up on eBay and wait until a couple Service Packs come out to be sure it's robust and secure before making the migration from XP.
What do you think?  Does anybody out there have positive or negative experiences with the XP-to-Vista transition to share?
*My current PC is a 3GHz Pentium IV, with 1GB RAM, a good, but three year-old video card (ATI Radeon 8500, I think), plenty of HD space and a DVD-ROM.  Software-wise, I've already got Office XP.