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What Would Mongo Do?

In yet another story to add to the "boy it's good the NHL doesn't have these kinds of issues" pile, we have the curious case of Pacman Jones, professional ruffian who receives his paychecks from the NFL's Tennessee Titans, but has been suspended for the entire upcoming season for a series of brushes with the law. Obviously, Jones needed a guiding influence to help set him on the right path.

"Mongo like making it rain!"

With his young career in jeopardy and his only hope of returning to the field in 2007 hanging on his good behavior and sound judgment, Jones decided to follow in the footsteps of Alex Karras, the Detroit Lions defensive lineman (and later actor) who, when suspended for the 1963 season, donned the tights and squared off against the likes of Dick The Bruiser.

Can you imagine what the reaction would have been like if Todd Bertuzzi had done such a thing during his suspension? It makes you wonder who else from the world of hockey would fare well in the realm of sports-entertainment...