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Blue Jackets Preview, Part Two

It's practically Columbus day around here (and for a Michigan grad, that's somewhat awkward); our bloggers roundtable of Central Division previews continues with a look at the 2007-8 Columbus Blue Jackets from the End of the Bench...
You have to feel for these folks.  They're not asking for much, just the hope that their team can compete with their divisional brethren, and given the improvement taking place in Chicago and St. Louis, that won't be an easy task.  This snippet from the preview sums it up nicely:
"When Barry Melrose gets his two minutes each week towards the end of the season to talk about the playoff picture, I want the CBJ crest to be on the screen fighting for that 8th spot.  I don’t want to be the laughingstock of the NHL.  I don’t want journalists and bloggers in other cities to refer to us as patient fans because we have to put up with the same s**t [ed] year after year."