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Drop that mouse, and read a book

While you still have a few weeks before the start of the NHL season, I'd recommend heading over to a particular branch of Joe Pelletier's Legends of Hockey Network, "Hockey Books".  Joe is establishing relationships with publishing houses to review the latest hockey books coming out, just in time to either read up before the first official hockey game starts later this month or to start your holiday shopping early.
For today, Joe has a preview of what's coming down the pipeline for the 2007 holiday season, and there's a boatload of titles on the way.  There are historical perspectives on the 1987 Canada Cup and the first Women's Hockey World Championship, barstool standbys like "100 Greatest Hockey Arguments" and "The Language of the Game," and some behind-the-scenes memoirs from Hockey Night in Canada and the world of NHL scouting.
For those of us living outside the top-tier NHL markets, bookstores generally carry a paltry collection of hockey-related titles.  Thanks to informed sites like Joe's, however, we can keep in touch with what's out there and have books sent right to our door.