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NHL 08 hits the (virtual) ice

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Yes folks, NHL 08 from EA Sports is in stores today (although it took me 5 stops to actually find it, kudos to GameStop).  Check back in a few days for a review - I know there's a terrible temptation to rush out immediate impressions, but what good does that serve?
One thing I've heard about the game from various other sites is that while the AHL teams and rosters aren't included, they aren't actually available when playing in Dynasty mode, which strikes me as a bug which requires correction.  Why else have the minor league teams in the system if you can't develop those players and call them up to your team in Dynasty mode?
In the meantime, Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic has a review worth reading, keeping in mind that he's looking at the Playstation 3 version.  I'm going with the PC-based one, myself.
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