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NHL Bloggers to Preview the Central

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As we flip the calendar over to September, it's time to start seriously looking ahead to what should be an exciting NHL season, particularly in the Central Division. For the last few years, Detroit and Nashville have knocked down and taken the milk money from Columbus, Chicago and St. Louis, but it looks like things will tighten up a bit this time around.

In order to get a well-rounded review of the entire division, Dave over at Gorilla Crouch has organized a blogging round-robin of Central Division previews over the next several weeks, so I'd encourage you to stop by the following blogs for pieces to debut on the dates noted below:

Sept 10 - Chicago, covered by The Third Man In.
Sept 17 - Columbus, triple-dipped by Bethany's Hockey Rants, End of the Bench, and Neutral Zone Trap.
Sept 24 - Detroit, six-packed by Abel to Yzerman, Behind the Jersey,, Gorilla Crouch, Kukla's Korner and On The Wings.
Oct 1 - Nashville, penned by Yours Truly.
Oct 8 - St. Louis, covered by Bethany once again.

Stay tuned for these previews and join in the conversation to follow, as I truly believe we're going to see a revival of competitiveness in the Central that we haven't seen in quite a few years.