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Bienvenue, Montreal

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As part of their season preview package today, the Montreal Gazette features a piece by Don MacDonald called "Moneypuck", which discusses the growing field of statistical analysis related to NHL hockey.  I've got a small blurb on the second page of the article.
Also, kudos go out to the Tennessean for a fine section previewing the upcoming Predators season.  For all the bashing I (and others) tend to get into over our local paper, it's appropriate to tip the hat when they get something right.
Lastly, I wanted to point Preds fans (or anyone else interested) over to Off Wing Opinion, where Eric McErlain has excerpts from Keith Jones' new book Jonesy.  There are a couple anecdotes from when Jones played for Barry Trotz in the AHL that are well worth a read, with the most interesting being the time when Jones was on the ice for seven goals against in a single game...