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Bouncing Balls

Thanks again to Richard Lawson at the Nashville Post, we have word that Jim Balsillie is still working hard to purchase the Nashville Predators, this time by sending a note to the Nashville Sports Authority that claims that if he owned the team, "the existing arena operating agreements will require no changes whatsoever unless they benefit the Authority and the residents of Nashville."
Is this an effort to undermine the current Freeman/Nashville negotiations, or indeed a genuine change of heart on Balsillie's part?  His representative also wrote in that note,
"I am completely convinced that Mr. Balsillie’s understanding of the Nashville market at that time [earlier this year] was incorrect, and that Mr. Balsillie recognizes that. He is now committed to Nashville as a viable hockey market, one in which he strongly desires to own a franchise; and that he will commit the resources that are necessary to lead to a Stanley Cup for the Predators and Nashville."
I would be very interested to hear, straight from Balsillie's mouth, how he "misunderstood" the Nashville market before, and what specifically has changed his mind.
The letter also claims that Balsillie would be willing to greatly increase the penalty for breaking the lease, and waive the issue of whether this season counts as the "cure season" in terms of hitting the 14,000 paid attendance mark that could also void the lease.
I believe the proposal also outlines a solution to global warming, a detailed trilateral solution to the political difficulties in Iraq, and includes a working draft of a perpetual motion machine.