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Tricks and Treats for Nashville Hockey Fans

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The chilling tale of the Predators sale approaches the Witching Hour, and we have a host of spirits seeking to terrify and delight the hockey fans of Middle Tennessee:
Halloween pumpkin
A Holiday-themed insight into the current state of mind for most Preds fans,
especially after last night's debacle in Calgary.
1)  The Globe & Mail's Allan Maki broke the news that Doug Bergeron (originally from Windsor, Ontario) has joined the Freeman group.  Does this mean additional capital and stability, or another force looking to relocate the team?  Nobody can say at this point.
2)  With today being the end of the exclusive negotiating period with Craig Leipold, word comes that  the deadline may be extended somewhat if the local investors can hammer out a deal with Nashville Mayor Karl Dean today on adjustments to the Sommet Center lease.
3)  As always, the most thorough analysis of this developing situation can be found at the Nashville Post, where Richard Lawson (who is moving to the Nashville City Paper next Monday) provides some background on Bergeron, and also answers a question some Predators fans have been asking - since Ron Samuels, head of the Our Team Nashville movement, runs a local bank, why isn't it stepping up to provide part of the financing for the Freeman group?  Head over to the Post for Lawson's answer.

The team, meanwhile, is blissfully thousands of miles away, readying themselves for a battle with Vancouver tomorrow night.  As for me, I'll be busy escorting a ladybug and two skeletons on their way around town scaring up bagfuls of candy.  Happy Halloween, folks...