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A Thursday Evening Quickie

Check back tomorrow morning, as I'll probably do another live-blog summary of tonight's Predators-Canucks game, which starts especially late this evening. For some previews, check out Canucks Hockey Blog and Waiting for Stanley. This is a battle of the NHL's worst road team visiting the NHL's worst home team; just imagine the possibilities!

In other news, mega-congratulations go out to hockey blogger supreme Eric McErlain, who will lend his talents to the Sporting News twice a week. When I work out at the local Y, the Sporting News is the only sports rag available, and they could certainly use a boost in their NHL coverage. Well done, Eric!

UPDATE: Thanks to Mirtle for informing us of Spector's good news; he'll be writing for the Hockey News website weekly as well. Spector's been churning out great hockey writing and rumor vetting since Ye Olden Days of Ye Internet, i.e. the 20th century, and should be a great credit to the Hockey News.

Also, a recent feature over at Joe Pelletier's Legends of Hockey called "Taking a Stand" focuses on players who made huge differences due to special courage and determination. His latest example of that is Slava Fetisov. I've only got one personalized NHL jersey, and it's a #2 Fetisov jersey from his time in Detroit. Check Joe's profile out, it's always a good read over at Legends of Hockey.