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Pardon Our Dust

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It's been a long time since my last update, for which I apologize, as we've been moving (and are still not 100% complete), so times for watching and analyzing hockey has been few and far between.
On the positive side, however, Santa arrived early at the Forechecker household, and with the help of a friendly neighbor, we have now entered the glorious age of HDTV, and yes Virginia, everything you've heard about hockey being better in HDTV is TRUE.  I was able to catch Nashville's craptacular come-from-ahead defeat last night in Minnesota in vivid detail and color on our new 50" Panasonic plasma.  We went with plasma because from everything I've read and seen, it performs better for high-motion content (like sports).  The picture is AMAZING, and Mrs. Forechecker likes the fact that it's mounted on the wall, so it doesn't take up precious floor space.
Activision Hockey
A picture so clear and sharp is worth any price...
Once hooked up, of course I tried to find some HDTV hockey, and flipped by a Chicago Blackhawks game.
Mrs. Forechecker:  "Wow, you can even see the acne on that guy" (sorry, Jonathan Toews)
Me:  "Give him a break, he's a rookie."
I guess those NHL Center Ice HD commercials are pretty bang-on after all...
Anyways, please be patient as boxes get unpacked and the Forechecking Data Center gets rebuilt; it'll be a couple more days before I can string together a coherent post about hockey again.