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A word from my better half

So the other night when the Predators were playing in Toronto and the Rogers SportsNet commentators bashed Nashville as a hockey market, little did I know that my wife, who was in the room but occupied on our Tablet PC, was as honked off as I was about their lack of tact. It turns out that she wrote up her thoughts on the matter as well and asked if I wanted to post them here. So now, I present to you the words of the lovely and talented Mrs. Forechecker...

This is Mrs. Forechecker and I have been feeling the need to speak for those who are not often heard in the hockey world. I grew up in Indiana where folks love corn and high school basketball. If you ever saw Hoosiers you know what I mean… I have been a casual fan of hockey since before I met Mr.Forechecker about 12 years ago. We had the Indianapolis Ice and the Fort Wayne Komets to watch and I occasionally would go to games, but it was not something I grew up watching. After I moved to Ann Arbor and was able to go to college hockey games and Detroit Red Wings games I was much more aware of the proud history of hockey. I learned of the Stanley Cup and all of the lore of the Original Six. I learned to appreciate the skill of the players and the love of the game. Fast forward to our move here to Middle Tennessee… I was again in a NHL town and had pride for my adopted team, the Predators. Comments have been said that not only equate the Predator fans as hillbillies that are unable to grasp hockey, but also as undeserving of a team as well. I find that both the television broadcasts and the NHL as a whole are unresponsive to wanting to grow a market here. The fans that are here know the sport and have a passion for their team that is virtually unrivaled around the league here in the States. I know that Canada’s history with hockey is rich and I respect that fact, but I continue to wonder does the NHL want to grow new fans? When you continue to send out the message that some cities do not deserve to have a team, the casual fan decides that they want to take their money and support to a league and a sport that appreciates them. I will continue to stand as a fan of hockey for now. As much as the league and the fans up north don’t like to admit it, they need us in order to make a profit and be successful. I am not going anywhere hockey fans and there are more like me out there. You have not made it easy to hang in there but I am here to stay!